Audio-Visual Rentals

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Prices listed are daily rates.

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Some rentals may require personal insurance waver
  • Tax exempt organizations must have a valid certificate
  • Must have a valid Connecticut drivers license along with a major credit card to rent
  • All rentals are due back by 12 noon on the scheduled return date


Sony Cameraremote control40RadioMotorola12
LCD/TV/PC20"35Hatachi Camera3 chip studio90Clear Com 5ch Wireless System275
LED/TV32"50Panasonic Mixer2 input65Clear Compower supply20
LED/TV40"75Panasonic Mixer8 input110Clear Combase station35
LCD/TV/PC52"125Video Switcher 4 x 125Clear Comheadset7
Monitor10"15Video Switcher 12 x 1 Active50Clear Combeltpak5
Monitor Triples5"30Octo Quattro Scaler65Tour Guide PA20
Tripod Pro35Tour Guide PAwireless mic25
Tripod Dolly10Bullhorn50 watts25
VIDEO PLAYBACK/RECORDFish Pole15Car Top Sound System50
DVD Player20Pressfeed Box8 ch. Passive30Base18 lbs5
DVD Recorder30Pressfeed Box24 ch. Passive95Pole6 ft to 12 ft15
Laptop95Pole8 ft10
Navigator25MEETING ACCESSORIESCrossbar6 ft to 12 ft10
VGA/DA Amp1 in 2 out25Podiumtabletop25Drape Banjo4 ftx 12 ft4
VGA/DA Amp1 in 4 out35Podiumfullsize45Drape Velour12 ft x 12 ft35
Podium Mic15
Overhead Projector20Stage Platform 7 ft x 7 ft100Scaffold6 ft x 6ft x 2 ft75
16mm Projector35AV Cart36"15Stanchions10
Kodak Slide Projector25AV Cart42" light20Sand Bags25 lb8
Projector 700 Lumen50AV Cart42" heavy30Cable Ramp5 ch15
Sony 3100 Lumen HDMI80AV Cart54"35Cable Ramp1 ch10
Sony 4500 Lumen HDMI135Cart Skirt10
Panasonic 5000 Lumen150CABLES
Panasonic 7000 Lumen475VGA6 ft6
VGA25 ft8
Tripod5 ft30VGA75 ft12
Tripod6 ft40VGA100 ft15
Fastfold6 ft x 8 ft50VGA50 ft12
Fastfold7.5 ft x 10 ft85BNC50 ft4
Bottom Curtain6 ft x 8 ft10BNC100 ft8
Bottom Curtain8 ft x 10 ft20
(3) XLR (1) BNC 300 ft65
(2) XLR (1) BNC 150 ft50

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