Cables & Support Equipment

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Prices listed are daily rates.

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Some rentals may require personal insurance waver
  • Tax exempt organizations must have a valid certificate
  • Must have a valid Connecticut drivers license along with a major credit card to rent
  • All rentals are due back by 12 noon on the scheduled return date
AC/EdisonStage PinMic Cables/Snakes
Cable25 ft2Stage Pin100 ft9Mic Cable25 ft1
Cable50 ft3Stage Pin75 ft8Mic Cable50 ft2
Cable100 ft5Stage Pin50 ft7Mic Cable75 ft3
Cable3 way 25 ft4Stage Pin25 ft6Mic Cable100 ft4
Cable3 way 50 ft7Stage Pin10 ft5Speaker Cable25 ft1
Cable4 way 25 ft5Stage Pin5 ft4Speaker Cable50 ft2
Cable4 way 50 ft9Stage Pin2 Fer4Speaker Cable75 ft3
Cable8 way 25 ft9Stage Pinfm edison adpt3Speaker Cable100 ft4
Cable8 way 50 ft15Stage Pinfm edison adpt3Speaker Cable50 ft/4ch10
Cable8 way 75 ft25 Mic Snake8ch fan to fan 15
Cablesoco 25 ft10DMXMic Snake8ch x 325
Cablesoco 50 ft15Mic Snake12ch x 420
Cablesoco 75 ft25DMX100 ft8Mic Snake16ch x 440
Cablesoco 100 ft30DMX75 ft7Mic Snake24ch x 865
AC Strip6ch2DMX50 ft6Mic Snake32ch x 8125
Quad Box2DMX25 ft5Mic Snake32ch x 8/split135
Stage Pin Adpt2DMX10 ft4Mic Snake8ch splitter20
AC 2 Fer2DMX5p to 3p adpt4Mic Snake12ch Insert25
DMXMic Snake Digital 16ch X 895
AC/DistroVGAMic Stand & Misc
Generator60KVAcallMic Stand1
AC Panel200 amp 3p275VGA100 ft10Boomstand2
AC Panel100 amp 3p125VGA75 ft7Table Stand1
AC Panel60 amp 3p75VGA50 ft6Orchestra Stand5
AC Panel50 amp single60VGA25 ft5Speaker Stand5
AC Panel50 amp single60VGA10 ft4Music Stand5
AC Panel3p distro45VGAam/fm cable ext5Music Stand Light3
VGAfm adapter4Impedance Transformer2
Feed Cable200 amp/50'75Direct Box5
Feed Cable200 amp/100'124Direct Boxactive10
Feed Cable100 amp/50'50Mic Splitter1ch2
Feed Cable100 amp/100'80Mic Splitter4ch8
Feed Cable60 amp/50'25Power Supply48v5
Feed Cable60 amp/125'75Power Supply48v/4ch10
Feed Cable50 amp/25'20Headphones4
Feed Cable50 amp/50'25
Feed Cable50 amp/75'40Misc Support
Feed Cable50 amp/100'50
Stringers25 ft/3-20 amp30Sand Bags8
Stringers25 ft Ext10Cable RampSingle Channel8
Stringers50 ft Ext20Cable Ramp5 Channel12
Stringers75 ft Ext25

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