Lighting & Special Effects

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Prices listed are daily rates.

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Some rentals may require personal insurance waver
  • Tax exempt organizations must have a valid certificate
  • Must have a valid Connecticut drivers license along with a major credit card to rent
  • All rentals are due back by 12 noon on the scheduled return date
Chauvet LEDDi Fi30Tripod8 ft8Pro Smoke Machine40
Leviton8 ch20Crank Stand12 ft25Pro Arena Hazer75
Leviton16 ch30Crank Stand15 ft45Sm. Bubble Machine25
Leviton24 ch40Crank Stand16 ft55Lg Bubble Machine45
Leviton32 ch75Round Base 9ft. Pole25 lb20Blizzard Snowblind LED Strobe15
ETC Express24/48105Round Base50 lb20Medium Classic Strobe25
ETC Express48/96150Pole 1.5 in3 ft5Elation ProTron LED Strobe65
ETC Express72/144175Pole 1.5 in5 ft8Chauvet Black Light25
ETC Expression 3175Pole 1.5 in10 ft10Black Light 400w45
ETC Element60/500350Truss 12 in x 4 ftBox15Flame Pot20
Truss 11 in x 10 ftTri.20Chauvet VUE 320
DIMMERS1chTruss 12 in x 5 ftBox20Chauvet Elan20
Dimmer/1Kw4ch5Truss 12 in x 10 ftBox35Chauvet Eclipse20
Leviton 600w Multi4ch25Truss 18 in x 5 ftBox30Chauvet Abyss20
Leviton 600w DMX4ch35Truss 18 in x 10 ftBox55Chauvet Swarm25
Leviton1K Multiplex30ch40Crossbar 4 ft4Martin Fire15
Dim Rack/2.4 kw250Crossbar 4 ft rectangle6Martin Water15
Crossbar 4ft DB rectangle10Blizzard Snow Ball10
Blizzard Pixelicious20
Pin Spot5Side Arm 12 in2Blizzard Large Laser35
Pin Spot Bar 4 pinspots25Side Arm 18 in4
Par 38/300w5Side Arm 24 in5
Par 56/500w10Pipe Stiff 24 in3RETRO LIGHTING
Par 64/500w10Pipe Stiff 36 in5Mirror Ball 16 in20
Par 64/1Kw12C Clamp1Mirror Ball 24 in125
Opti Par15Cheeseborough3Pin Spot5
Opti Zoom15DMX Splitter35Rolling Dice15
Source Four 19/26/36/5015Pattern Holder2Effects Projector25
Fresnel10Standard Gobo4Warp15
Scoop20Barn Doors4
Border Strip 150w x 1235Snoots3
Martin 518 moving mirror35Side Pole Mount2Chauvet LED Solar35
Chauvet Mover 250w35Ratchet Strap 2ft White1(4) LED Panels/Footswitch
Elation Design Spot 300e95
Elation HFX Mover new175MISC. FIXTURESElation Design Spot 300350
Chase Strip8(4) Movers/DMX Interface
Chauvet Par 56 RGB15Dana Uplight 50w5Stage Light System120
Wall Wash RGB25Work Light 2 x 250w8(8) Pars/Control/Dimmers
Chauvet Par Quad18 x 5w RGBA35String Light 25 ft C-7 clear312 ft.Crank Stands/Cables
Chauvet 3ft strips RGB25LED Candle3
LED 5 x 30w up light35Exit Light 2 head8
Elation SIXPAR 200 IP LED45Music Stand Light LED3
Elation SIXPAR 300 IP LED65
Chauvet Hex 4 Battery RGBAWU30
Followspot short throw45
Followspot LED short throw50
Followspot 575w long throw95

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