Sound Equipment Rentals

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Prices listed are daily rates.  For weekly rates, multiply the daily rate by 3.

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Some rentals may require personal insurance waver
  • Tax exempt organizations must have a valid certificate
  • Must have a valid Connecticut drivers license along with a major credit card to rent
  • All rentals are due back by 12 noon on the scheduled return date
Proline10QSC 1602300w35Yamaha Keyboard88 key105
Studio Mic15QSC 2402425w40Sonar Drumset5 pc.150
AT Shotgun Mic15QSC 3002550w55Fender Twin Amp100w65
Crown PZM Mic15QSC 3402700w60Crate Guitar Amp100w35
AT Lav Mic15100w  70 volt70 volt35Peavy Keyboard Amp100w40
Headset Mic15250w  70 volt70 volt50Ampeg Bass Amp 15"   150w50
AKG Hanging Mic15Marshall Guitar Head200w40
Countryman Lav Mic15SPEAKERS/FULL RANGEAmpeg Bass Head300w40
Pairs/StandsMarshall Guitar Cab 4X12"   50
AUDIO MIXERSJBL Spks     8"150w30Ampeg Bass Cab                      8X10"  50
Pioneer ControlDD7-SZ90Community Speakers 12"350w45Keyboard Stand15
DJ Mixer25EV Speakers 12"350w45
Mackie Mixer 4 mic4 line25Ramsa Speakers 12"400w45RECORDING/PLAYBACK
Mackie Mixer 6 mic4 line30Yorkville Speakers 15"400w50Marantz CD/Cassette35
Alto Mixer 8 mic2 line35Yorkville Speakers 15" 600w60Numark Dual CD W/Control35
Allen & Heath Mixer16 mic45Community Outdoor 10"200w45Denon CD Player/Recorder35
Ramsa Console16 mic X 465Community Outdoor 8"100w35Denon DN-300Z Media Player45
Allen & Heath Console24 mic X 485PAS Monitors     12" 200w35Sony DAT Recorder65
Allen & Heath Console32 mic X 8120Community Monitors   12"350w40Teac Reel to Reel  2 track60
QSC Touch8 ch35Yorkville Monitors     15" 500w60Technics 1200 Turntable50
Allen & Heath QU-1616 ch75EV PA Horns60w40
Allen & Heath QU-3232 ch150PAS Speakers 18" 350w45
Behringer X1635Yorkville Speakers 2 X 18" 1000w110KARAOKE SYSTEM
Disc Player
EQ 15 band dual ch.20Handheld/Lav502 Microphones
EQ 31 band dual ch.30Headset/Earset50TV/Monitor
Compressor dual ch.25Transmitter Pouch1.5System Price85
Gate 4 ch.25With Power Speaker105
Delay Processor254 Systems50
Spectrum Analyzer606 Systems45
8 Systems40DJ System120
POWER MIXERS12 Systems35Numark Dual CD/Mixer
Yorkville 8 ch.300w3516 Systems301 QSC Amplifier
Yorkville 8 ch. 2 X 300w2 X 300w452 Yorkville Speakers 15"
Yorkville 8 ch. 2 X 800w2 X 800w60ANCHOR SYSTEM1 Mic
Yorkville Mixer 12 ch.1600w75AC/DC Single Speaker95
Extra Speaker10Public Address System 75
POWER SPEAKERSWired Mic10Pwr Mixer/Speakers Mic
JBL EON Spk 10" 300w35Wireless Handheld Mic20
Turbosound Spk 10"2500w55Rock System One175
Turbosound Spk 12"2500w65RENTAL REQUIREMENTSYorkville Pwr Mix 8 ch.2 X 800w
QSC K 12 Pwr Spk 12" 1000w602 Yorkville 2 Spks  15"400w
Yorkville Pwr Spk 15"300w45Connecticut Drivers License2 Yorkville Monitors 12"300w
Yorkville Pwr Spk 10"1400w60Drivers License with Student ID6 Mics/Stands/Cables
Yorkville Pwr Spk 12" 1500w75Mastercard/Visa Credit Card
Yorkville Pwr Sub 2 X 12"2000w90Must Be 18 Years Of Age Or OlderRock System Two250
Yorkville Pwr Sub 15" 1000w70Power Mixer 12ch.2 X 1000
Yorkville Pwr Sub 15" 700w60Speakers      15" 400w
Yorkville Pwr Sub 18"400w454 Monitors    12"350w
Anchor 8' DC Pwr Spk100w4010 Mics/Stands/Cables
Battery System200w120
Car Top PA/Mic75

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